Everything Is Not Yet Lost

The longest walk, ever - on what was easily turning into the longest day ever. Why did it happen? My thoughts drifted back and forth on year's past. A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend turns out to be an enemy. I remember not sleeping at all.

Unkempt, unshaven & absolutely filthy, I went to work. For nine hours, I sat there. I still had egg smell on my hands from the clean up duty earlier that morning.

Years later, I can admit it - it was my fault. I was too passive - still am. I had a great girl who wanted to be with me - and I blew it. Why had this thought come to mind?

I needed a cigarette, but I was running low. "Fuck it," I thought to myself, and lit up anyway. As I ingested that puff of smoke ever so slowly, I thought about venting my frustration by beating up some scenester kid along the strip and calling it a night.

But my plans must not have been meant to be, as my friend turned around, looked up at me, pointed to his GPS system and said, "The bar should be two blocks that way."

Why was I such good friends with this man? For that matter, why was I always closer to those so different than others? Well, for starters, they're smart. I liked that. I found it comforting.

When we got to the bar, it reeked of severe fart smell. "Whatever," I thought to myself - "at least Sportscenter is on." I'll be off my feet for a bit, order a few beers, and drink off the long walk I just endured - and no doubt long walk I'll have endure again trying to find our way back home. My mind began to wander on once more. One such thought popped into my head, was, "Where are all the single women at?" Judging from all the other desperate looking men here that night, I wasn't alone in that way of thought.